Personal Training Information

Do I have to be a member to purchase Personal Training?

Personal Training is available to Bally Total Fitness members only. However, we offer affordable month to month memberships that make it easy for anyone to become a member and take advantage of Personal Training packages available for purchase.

How long do I have to use my Personal Training?

You have 1 week for each session you purchase to use it. If you do not use your sessions they will expire. Expired Personal Training sessions are not refundable.

For example, if you purchase 24 sessions, you have 24 weeks to use your sessions at a minimum rate of one session per week.. If you have any questions regarding the expiration of your sessions, please contact your Personal Trainer.

I purchased Personal Training, what happens next?

Your Personal Trainer will coach you through personalized and dynamic workouts designed to suit you and help you attain your goals. Sessions will be structured to help you build cardiovascular endurance, reduce excess body fat, improve strength and increase flexibility for a complete total body workout.

How much does Personal Training cost?

There are different levels of Personal Training and various packages to meet every budget. Your club’s Fitness Manager can help you find the right package to meet your needs and stay within your budget.

I would like to purchase Personal Training session(s) – who do I speak with?

Speak with your club’s Fitness Manager. He/she will answer all of your questions and help you get started.

How do I select the best Personal Trainer for me?

Let us help! Your club’s Fitness Manager is trained in pairing members and Personal Trainers with each other, creating a team that will work out best together. We are certain the Fitness Manager will find the right trainer for you!

Why should I consider purchasing Personal Training?

Personal Training can help you get results that you want and just can’t get on your own! Our Personal Trainers are experts at:

- Maximizing your caloric burn.
- Strengthening and toning your entire body.
- Diversifying your workouts.
- Building cardiovascular endurance.
- Improving flexibility.

Workouts with Bally Total Fitness Personal Trainers help you obtain positive results and provide you with knowledge, creativity and probably most important of all – the motivation to help you achieve your goals.

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