Group Exercise

What type of Group Exercise Classes are offered at the club nearest me?

Club amenities, including Group Exercise Classes and schedules, vary by club location. Use our club locator to find the link to your club’s profile page for a listing of classes at your club.

Do I have to be a member to purchase Group Exercise Classes?

Yes, you do need to be a Bally member to have access to our Group Exercise and Specialty Classes. To start your Bally experience, download a free 7-day guest pass today:

Does Bally charge for Group Exercise Classes?

All clubs offer a comprehensive program of Group Exercise Classes that are included with our memberships. We also offer specialty classes at many locations for incremental fees (typically $3 to $10 per class); these classes are unique and require more specialized instructor training (Zumba, Pilates, Belly Dancing, etc.) at a nominal cost.

Where can I get more information about the types of Group Exercise Classes offered, the schedule and prices at my club?

Visit your club’s profile page to review the types of Group Exercise Classes offered at your club, along with the schedule.

Next time you’re in the club, ask a Bally Team Member about the incremental fees (typically $3 to $10 per class) for specialty classes at your club. These classes are unique and require more specialized instructor training (Zumba, Pilates, Belly Dancing, etc.) at a nominal cost.

I've never taken a Group Exercise class — what should I expect?

A great time! We cater to all levels, so just let the instructor know before the class if it’s your first time. You will be provided with intensity options, and ways to make the activities a bit easier if need be. Every participant gets a great workout, and the support from a group setting is terrific. Check out some of the classes we offer.

I wish my club had additional class times, more class types, or more Reaction Cycling bikes —what can I do?

Make a suggestion to the General Manager or Bally Team Member. It is important that we know what our members prefer, so we can adjust schedules accordingly and plan for future class offerings. We monitor our schedules on an ongoing basis to ensure that the classes are well-attended, and well-balanced, but we are always open to suggestions.

Does Bally require Group Exercise instructors to have training specific to the class they teach?

Yes, our instructors do need class-specific training in order to begin teaching all of our classes, including Yoga and Pilates.

What are the busiest times at the club and for Group Exercise classes?

Our most popular times in most clubs are generally between 5pm and 9 pm. Our Group Exercise classes have the greatest participation at these times as well. Please don’t be discouraged if this is the only time you can make it in. Many members feel the energy and enthusiasm of working out with others to be quite motivating! Hours may vary by day of the week and club.

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