While golf is often considered to be a relaxing sport, the repetitive swinging movement can cause injuries. This is particularly true of the lower back and hip areas - especially in golfers who do not participate in any other physical activity. Bally Total Fitness golf workouts can help improve flexibility and strengthen the golf swing while increasing lean muscle mass and protecting golfers from injury.


5-10 minutes of moderate aerobic activity until you break a light sweat - walking, biking, and jogging are good examples.

Strength Training

(For best results, perform each movement slowly and without momentum)



For each exercise, perform 1 set
Activity Reps Weight
Lying Leg Press 8-12
Lying Leg Curl 8-12
Leg Extension 8-12


For each exercise, perform 1 set
Activity Reps Weight
Chest Press 8-12


For each exercise, perform 1 set
Activity Reps Weight
Seated Row Machine 8-12
Pullover with Bar 8-12


For each exercise, perform 1 set
Activity Reps Weight
Abdominal Crunch 8-12

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Eating Right, Weighing Less

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  • Always strength train after you play - working out before your game leaves your body pre-fatigued.
  • Allow 48-72 hours of recovery time between workout sessions.
  • Incorporate some basic stretches, particularly for the lower back. Do not bounce. Stretch after muscles are warm. Perform 3-5 repetitions for each movement and hold each stretch 10-30 seconds.
  • Your fitness level will improve during the initial 4-6 weeks. After this improvement phase it is appropriate to perform additional sets.
  • ACSM Guidelines recommend exercising at 60% to 90% of your max heart rate (220-Age)
  • Bally Total Fitness recommends consulting with your doctor as well as a knowledgeable instructor before starting this workout or beginning any exercise program.

Cardio Training

Choose any activity that you enjoy which elevates your heart rate into the target zone for 20-60 minutes. Perform this activity 3-5 times per week. Running, biking, and brisk walking are good examples.