There are three components necessary to prepare for football season: Strength improvement, cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory improvement, and skill improvement. To achieve the highest success rate, it is best to begin a pre-season program to establish an aerobic base as well as to attempt to increase sprint endurance. Ideally, this football training conditioning program should begin eight to ten weeks before the season; however, those players playing less frequently may begin the pre-season program two or three weeks in advance.

*Pre-season training should be preceded by a physical exam by a licensed physician where deemed appropriate.


Day 1  Run 3 miles
            Shorter distances may be necessary in initial training phase)

Day 2  Sprints: 
            1/4 mile warm-up and stretch then 
            10 x 10 yds. then 
            10 x 20 yds. - rest 1 minute then 
            10 x 40 yds. - rest 1 minute then
            1/4 mile cool down 

Day 3   Run 3 miles 
            Skills Drills 
            Strength Training

Day 4   Repeat Day 2

Day 5   Repeat Day 3

Day 6   Repeat Day 2

Day 7   Rest and Recover

In-Season Program

The strength-training program during the season should vary from the pre-season program only in its frequency, not intensity. At least one full-body workout should be done per week. An additional upper-body workout may be done later in the week.

It is suggested that the complete body part workout be accomplished once per week.

Do not strength train before practice.

There should be at least 48-72 hours in between workout sessions and at least 48-72 hours of workout recovery time before the game.

Adjust your workout schedule accordingly. Depending upon the intensity of your program, you may be able to do more than one full workout, provided the necessary rest recommendations are followed.

Strength Training

The purpose of any well-rounded strength training program is to prevent injury and to improve performance. With proper technique and form, the program outlined below will be efficient, effective, and safe. Avoid ballistic movements at the expense of safety and efficiency.



For each exercise, perform set
Activity Reps Weight
Bench Press with Dumbbells

Upper Back

For each exercise, perform 1-3 set
Activity Reps Weight
Bent Over Row with Bar 8-12
Pullover with Bar 8-12


For each exercise, perform 1-3 set
Activity Reps Weight
Squats 10-15
Lying Leg Press 10-15


For each exercise, perform set
Activity Reps Weight
Lying Leg Curl
Leg Extension


For each exercise, perform 1-3 set
Activity Reps Weight
Tricep Kickback 8-12
Bicep Curl with Bar 8-12

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It is possible, using the "Quick Set System," to accomplish all of the components of the program listed above in 30-45 minutes. If a split routine is desired, the Neck, Chest, Back, and Triceps can be done in one session with the Shoulders, Hips, Legs, Low Back, and Biceps completed on alternate days. Abdominals should be completed at every workout.