Both Yoga and Pilates fitness classes employ an integrated approach to exercise that addresses the entire body in ways that help you feel stronger, more balanced and whole. Each offers a variety of exercises and a refreshing approach to movement that can bring balance to your day…and your life.


Yoga and Pilates Fitness Classes Improve Your Flexibility

Flexibility has a tremendous impact on your body, including how you move during the day, as well as your susceptibility toward injury. Boost your flexibility with Yoga and Pilates fitness classes that include exercises to bring fluidity—and youth—back to your body.

Reduce Stress with Yoga and Pilates Fitness Classes

Any exercise can reduce stress, but both Yoga and Pilates fitness classes focus on breathing and other rejuvenating techniques. Plus you’ll find the calm group exercise environment an oasis and escape from your busy life.

Enhance your Coordination with Yoga and Pilates

The way you move through life can affect your confidence, posture and many other subtle—but important—qualities. Yoga and Pilates exercise sequences improve your awareness of movement, helping you feel more balanced.

Yoga and Pilates Help you Prevent Injuries

You may not think of strength as a benefit of Yoga or Pilates but you’ll find the classes are demanding and challenging, helping you strengthen muscles and joints. The end result is a stronger defense against injury.

Bally offers a variety of free Yoga and Pilates Mat classes. Select clubs also house a Total Pilates Studio—a dedicated space within the club that offers equipment-based small group and private Pilates lessons. You’ll also find group exercise options that integrate cardio or resistance training with moves from Yoga or Pilates.

Yoga and Pilates Fitness Classes

Bally clubs offer the following classes. Sessions incorporate traditional moves from Yoga and Pilates or introduce new activities that develop flexibility and a mind-body connection.

  • Yoga: fusion of traditional Yoga postures with basic flexibility exercises
  • Pilates Mat: based on and evolved from the exercise system developed by Joseph Pilates
  • Resist-a-Ball®: core conditioning, balance, and muscular endurance utilizing a stability ball
  • PowerBall: integration of PowerFlex and Resist-a-Ball to promote muscular strength and endurance, balance and flexibility
  • Pilates on the Allegro® Reformer: based on the design of the original Reformer by Joseph Pilates, which assists and accentuates the execution of exercises; this class is taught at various levels, and is available in private or small group sessions for an additional fee at select locations

Some classes may be conducted by independent contractors which are not affiliated with Bally Total Fitness. We do not warrant or guarantee the quality of these services or guarantee they will remain available. Additional charges for some services including Specialty Classes.

*Must be at least 18 or older, not a current member, sign guest register & take club tour & presentation prior to using club. Must be resident or employee of local/metropolitan area where redeemed. Limit 1 pass redemption per person in any 6-month period. 7 day guest pass must be redeemed by a Bally representative within 30 days of the issue date. Membership is valid for 7 consecutive days from date of redemption. Limited to club where redeemed. Cannot be sold, reproduced or redeemed for cash. This pass cannot be listed for sale at on-line auction sites such as eBay or CraigsList. Some restrictions & club rules apply. Services, hours, prices & facilities may vary. Additional charges for some services including Personal Training, Specialty Classes & Kids Club (max. 2 children, 2 hrs. per visit). ARV: Standard daily guest fee: $10. Offer valid in participating US Bally Total Fitness clubs only excluding The River East Club in IL and Bally Sport locations.

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