Toning & Strength Training Classes to Help Reduce Your Body Fat Percentage

Improving fitness through toning and strength training not only helps you burn calories and lose weight, you can also positively affect your body composition. Reducing body fat has many health benefits, including lower blood pressure.

Develop Muscle with Toning Fitness Classes

You may want to take toning classes to improve your physical appearance, but there are many other perks of improved muscle tone. They include injury prevention, greater self-confidence, and decreased fatigue when performing physical activity.

Strength Training Helps Increase Your Muscular Strength

Strength Training classes contribute to a strong musculoskeletal system, increasing bone density and strengthening the connective tissue surrounding joints. This is beneficial to everyone, but especially important to the fitness of women and seniors.

Toning & Strength Training Helps to Improve Your Endurance

You may not equate toning and strength training with endurance, but studies show that it can improve your stamina. That’s because a strong muscle is a more efficient muscle, giving you added power, even when performing normal everyday activities.

Bally offers a variety of free group exercise classes that focus on resistance. You’ll also find group exercise options that integrate cardio or Yoga and Pilates workouts with resistance training.

Toning & Strength Training Fitness Classes

  • PowerFlex®: weighted barbell workout
  • Straight Up Strength: total body sculpting and conditioning
  • Straight Up Training: conditioning with focus on specific muscle groups or areas of the body—there are classes for abs, back, legs, chest and arms

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