Cardio Fitness Classes Boost Your Metabolism

Did you know that you can burn more calories, even when you’re not exercising? Consistent cardio exercise increases your metabolism so that your body burns more calories between workouts!

Improve Your Endurance with Cardio Fitness Classes

Participating in Cardio Fitness classes boosts your heart rate. This helps make your heart stronger and more efficient compared to a sedentary person. The benefits of a healthier heart include longevity, greater stamina and stronger immunity.

Cardio Exercise Helps You Burn More Calories and Fat

If weight loss is your goal, then cardio exercise offers you the opportunity to make significant strides. When you elevate and sustain your heart rate, you burn calories, helping you reduce or manage your weight more effectively.

Increase Your Energy with Cardio Exercise

Everybody knows that cardio fitness exercise makes you feel good, but it can also help boost your energy so you can keep going strong all day. Cardio exercise releases endorphins that may also improve your mood and improve your sleep.

Bally offers a variety of Group Exercise classes that focus on cardio fitness. You’ll also find group exercise options that combine resistance training or Yoga and Pilates workouts with cardio.

Cardio Fitness Classes

  • Kwando®: incorporates techniques from kickboxing, taekwondo, and karate
  • Reaction Cycling™: stationary indoor cycling
  • Urban Rebounding®: vertical workout using a mini-trampoline
  • Step: moderate impact exercise using an adjustable platform
  • Double/Multiple Step: movements between and onto two or more platforms
  • Low Impact Aerobics: one foot always remains in contact with the floor
  • High/Low Aerobics: includes running, jumping, and plyometric moves
  • Hip Hop: moves from street dance and urban culture
  • Zumba®/Salsa/Latin Dance: fusion of Latin dance movements and music with modern dance
  • BOSU® Boot Camp: integrated balance, core stability, cardiovascular, and muscular endurance
  • Boot Camp: sports conditioning with focus on strength, agility, and speed
  • KWANDOStrike: punches and kicks used in Kwando directed to a point of contact using a heavy bag
  • KWANDOFlex: alternating intervals of both Kwando cardiovascular conditioning and PowerFlex resistance training
  • Step and Sculpt: intervals of step and body conditioning
  • Interval Step: alternate periods of aerobic and anaerobic conditioning
  • Aqua Fitness: gentle combination of aerobics and resistance training using your body buoyancy in the water

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