Condition like a soldier, finish like a champion. Let our Bally Boot Camp instructors be your own personal drill sergeants with a challenging strength training and cardio session designed to shape you up and ship you out. Basic athletic movements and drills are taken from traditional fitness, military training or sports conditioning programs with modifications for all fitness levels. Drop and give us forty!


Boot Camp Strength and Cardio Training: the Benefits

Strength and cardio training exercises focus on strength, agility, speed and balance. That’s the kind of all-around fitness regimen that gives you soldier-tough benefits to help you:

  • Increase your motivation factor with high-intensity strength and cardio training that has you moving at a fast pace and sweating like you wouldn’t believe
  • Gain maximum fitness in the least amount of time with a session that gives you an aerobic and muscle toning workout at the same time
  • Burn calories…. fast with drills that have you moving from one activity to the next quickly, and working upper, core and lower body muscles hard

What to Expect in a Boot Camp Strength and Cardio Workout

These simple but effective cardio training and conditioning drills will blast calories and firm you all over. Class sessions might have you alternating between different stations set up for pushups, bench presses, jump rope, and even stability ball work. It’s the ultimate blitzkrieg of strength, agility, speed and balance.

Is Boot Camp Right for You?

Who said discipline can’t be fun? Boot Camp strength and cardio training is ideal if you:

  • Need a disciplined and structured exercise routine
  • Have limited time and want to get the most from your workout
  • Are looking for a workout that works your whole body

Why You’ll Like Boot Camp

It’s hardcore but not hard to do. If you crave structure and extra instruction, Bally Boot Camp gets in your face in only the best way – the fat-burning way. Win the battle of the bulge and push yourself beyond your potential.

Some classes may be conducted by independent contractors which are not affiliated with Bally Total Fitness. We do not warrant or guarantee the quality of these services or guarantee they will remain available. Additional charges for some services including Specialty Classes.

*Must be at least 18 or older, not a current member, sign guest register & take club tour & presentation prior to using club. Must be resident or employee of local/metropolitan area where redeemed. Limit 1 pass redemption per person in any 6-month period. 7 day guest pass must be redeemed by a Bally representative within 30 days of the issue date. Membership is valid for 7 consecutive days from date of redemption. Limited to club where redeemed. Cannot be sold, reproduced or redeemed for cash. This pass cannot be listed for sale at on-line auction sites such as eBay or CraigsList. Some restrictions & club rules apply. Services, hours, prices & facilities may vary. Additional charges for some services including Personal Training, Specialty Classes & Kids Club (max. 2 children, 2 hrs. per visit). ARV: Standard daily guest fee: $10. Offer valid in participating US Bally Total Fitness clubs only excluding The River East Club in IL and Bally Sport locations.

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