Injury can lead to a period of inactivity or reduced activity. A broken leg, for example, can put a crimp in your workout routine. And if surgery is needed, you can be out of commission for weeks.

If injury has rendered you more sedentary than usual, it stands to reason that you should eat less -- and perhaps even try to lose weight at this time. Right? WRONG.

When you are injured, your body needs a good deal of energy - that is, it needs CALORIES - in order to heal itself. This is not the time to be cutting calories in an effort to lose weight. Without enough calories and the right nutrients (particularly protein), your body's tissues can actually break down at a time when they need to be rebuilding. As a result, your recovery could be much longer than is necessary. If you want to prevent weight gain during your recovery, cut out the junk food and the sweets. Those empty calories you can certainly do without.