When you're trying to lose weight, it's only natural to want to jump on the scale frequently. But doing so can lead to frustration. Here's why: weighing yourself daily or at different times of day can put you on a weigh-in roller coaster, since body weight can fluctuate throughout the day.

Instead of acting on that urge to weigh yourself constantly, transform it into a more strategic (and ultimately more satisfying) plan. Get on the scale once a week at the same time of day. Experts also suggest that a morning weigh-in, done before eating and drinking, may give you the most accurate and consistent readings.

Remember that the scale isn't the only measure of weight loss success. In fact, if you're strength training regularly, you may find that the scale isn't moving as much as you expected -- even though you feel and look better. The reason: strength training builds muscle, and an increase in muscle weight can mask the fact that you're actually losing body-fat weight. So to put your weekly weigh-ins in the proper perspective, ask yourself a few big-picture questions: Do my clothes fit better?

  • Do I have more energy?
  • Is my outlook more positive?

If so, you're certainly on the right track.