Your shoulder muscles -- the deltoids -- are a set of three muscles: anterior deltoid (front of shoulder), medial deltoid (middle), and posterior deltoid (back). There are good exercises that enable you to work each muscle in isolation. But if you're looking for efficiency, you can rely on a couple classics that work all three delts simultaneously: the military press (using either dumbbells or the bar) and the shoulder press machine. If you are unsure how to do the military press or how to use the shoulder machine properly, ask a trainer at your gym or watch the video clips in the Expert Advice section of Bally's web site (

And here's a quick tip on tricep form: When performing a triceps pushdown, do not extend your wrists so that your palms face the floor while pushing the bar down. Rather, your palms should face your thighs, which will place less stress on the elbow joint.