Considering a yoga class? There are many different types of yoga with varying degrees of intensity. Listed below are various types:

  • HATHA. In the U.S., most styles tend to fall within this category. There are 3 basic elements in hatha yoga: postures, breathing techniques such as Room to Breathe(sm) and meditation techniques.
  • IYENGAR. In this type of yoga, the individual concentrates on the numerous body alignments needed to achieve and hold any one posture.
  • ASTANGA. A rigorous form of yoga, astanga requires continuous movement between postures, without pausing or rest.
  • BIKRAM. A sort of "hothouse" approach to yoga, this type of yoga is practiced in a room with the temperature raised. Bikram involves an extensive series of postures that stretch the muscles in a precise sequence. (The increased room temperature is intended to raise body heat even further, in order to make the muscles warmer and easier to stretch.)