An easy approach to this strategy is the One-Change-a-Week model. Make a list of the behaviors and healthy habits you'd like to develop. Start with the ones that will be EASIEST for you, and gradually work up to the more challenging ones.

Your choice of weekly goals might include these:

  • Eat one extra piece of fruit per day
  • Add 5 minutes to each workout
  • Meet with a personal trainer to create an exercise plan
  • Buy whole-grain bread instead of white
  • Do one extra workout per week
  • Take raw veggies (carrots, peppers) to work for snacks
  • Have one less beer or glass of wine at night
  • Eat breakfast every day

By the end of a month, you’ll have made at least 4 important health changes -- and you'll feel even more motivated to continue to make other changes needed to reach your goal.