If you have never run regularly before, or if you are returning to running after an absence, here are some proven strategies for getting started.

  1. Alternate walking and running. If you're fit enough to walk for 30 minutes or so, start your running program by alternating between a few minutes of walking and a few minutes of jogging slowly for 30 minutes total. Over time, increase your running intervals by a minute or so at a time until you're running for the entire half-hour. To increase the challenge from that point, increase your running time in 5-minute increments.
  2. You don't need to run everyday. Running every other day gives your muscles time to recover and it gives you time to gain strength in your legs. It also helps you avoid common injuries and prevents muscle fatigue.
  3. Go slow. If you're too winded to talk out loud to a running partner (or yourself), you're probably going too fast.