Want to make sure that this is the year you stick with your New Year's resolutions? Instead of trying to overhaul your life overnight, break your more ambitious goals into manageable, smaller goals -- and take on one small goal a week.

For example, if your larger goal is to have more stamina and better muscle definition by summer, your weekly goals for the coming month might look something like this:

  • Add 5 minutes to your cardio workouts.
  • Make a point to use deep breathing techniques during workouts.
  • Walk up the two flights of stairs at work instead of taking the elevator.
  • Meet with a personal trainer to create a strength-training plan.

And make things easier on yourself! Start with the easiest changes first and work up to the more challenging tasks. By the end of a month, you'll have made at least 4 important health changes -- and you'll feel even more motivated to continue to make other changes needed to reach your goal.