"Healthy eating" used to be code for "bland." In reality, it's easy to cut back on salt and fat without putting your taste buds to sleep. The answer: Herbs and spices. And you don't need to find exotic recipes or shop for fancy ingredients. The spices you already have in your kitchen cabinet can transform lackluster meals into palate pleasers. Why bother? If you enjoy the healthy food you eat, you'll be more likely to stick with good food habits.

  • Add pizzazz to your plate with the following recipes:
  • Toss steamed string beans or carrots with dried or fresh chives.
  • Toss cooked peas with dried or fresh mint.
  • Sprinkle lemon pepper on flounder or other white fish (e.g., tilapia, cod, sea bass) before broiling.
  • Roll a tuna filet in sesame seeds before pan-grilling.
  • Create a refreshing Greek-style dip by mixing low-fat or nonfat yogurt with chopped fresh dill, chopped fresh mint, and minced garlic. Serve the dip with raw veggies or even grilled meats.