Although they may look alike, different types of nutrition bars are formulated to meet different nutritional needs. To make the best choice on any particular occasion, figure out what you want for your body at that moment.

  • LOW-CAL SNACKING. If you're watching your weight and feeling the urge to snack, reach for a low-calorie nutrition bar instead of candy, cookies or other food with "empty" calories. (For example, Bally Snack RightT Bars provide protein, carbohydrates and other nutrients.)
  • DEVELOPING LEAN MUSCLE. Whatever your reasons for weight training - improved muscle tone, increased strength, or faster metabolism - protein is essential for building lean muscle. Look for bars with a balance in protein and carbohydrates amounts.
  • QUICK ENERGY. If you need fuel for a workout, look for a high-carbohydrate bar designed to give you quickly released energy.