Know Your Sodium: Plenty of us pour on the salt excessively, far exceeding the USDA-recommended daily amount (2400mg). One teaspoon has 2300 grams! And most of this sodium does not come from our own saltshakers. Sodium is in almost every type of prepared food and the snacks we find on store shelves.

So how can you cut down? Use less salt in cooking or try switching to sea salt. Sea salt actually has a lower sodium content than processed salt and because it is more potent, you can use less of it in dishes that call for salt. But to really decrease your salt intake, start reading nutrition labels. Know your salt intake!

Seasonings: It's true that herbs and spices are excellent alternatives to salt when you're preparing food. However, if you're watching your salt intake, be aware that many popular seasonings are made with salt.

Examples: Meat tenderizer, fajita seasoning, Thai seasoning, and lemon pepper. Be sure to check the ingredients labels; anything listing salt, sodium or MSG contains salt. Fortunately, many pre-mixed seasonings now come in salt-free versions.