Many of us grew up eating salads made with iceberg lettuce. And while it does have some redeeming nutritional value (it provides water and fiber), you could be missing out on a lot -- in terms of both taste and nutrition -- if iceberg is your sole salad base. Whereas iceberg lettuce is somewhat bland, some of the most nutritious greens -- such as spinach, arugula, chard -- have distinctive tastes. That's why some iceberg eaters find it difficult to switch to other lettuces. But there's a simple solution: gradually mix some of the darker, more nutritious greens in with your iceberg. Start with romaine (the lettuce usually used in Caesar salads), which has a mild taste. As you become accustomed to romaine, use less and less of the iceberg. Continue by gradually introducing some of the other greens, and perhaps even some radicchio, a bright red lettuce. Before you know it, your salad bowl will be bursting with color, vitamins, fiber, and flavor.