Grilling food in foil packets enables you to infuse your food with flavor without adding many extra calories and fat. Foil packets are also very easy, the grilling equivalent of one-dish cooking. You can place virtually all of your ingredients in a foil packet and grill them at once. Example: a piece of fish packaged with lemon slices, onion slices, fresh dill sprigs, white wine, broccoli spears and carrots. Here are some general guidelines:

  • To make a packet, place your items in the center of a large piece of aluminum foil.
  • Tightly fold the ends and the sides, leaving enough room inside for steam to circulate. Make sure there are no holes in the pocket.
  • You can make smaller packets (one per person) or a large packet with enough food for a group.
  • Oil the grill so that the foil does not stick. If you want to shave a few seconds off your prep time, you can now get pre-oiled foil pockets in many supermarkets.
  • Because you are essentially steaming this food, you need to make sure there is some liquid inside. Water can work; more flavorful, low-fat options are wine, vinegars and fruit juices.
  • Grill the packets over indirect heat or on the grill's top rack. To protect main food items from burning, try layering some of the "flavoring" ingredients, such as onion or lemon slices, at the very bottom.
  • Be extremely careful when opening the cooked packets; steam can scald you.