If you use a stationary bike, it's important to take a few minutes to adjust the seat and handlebars. This will help ensure a workout that is easy on your neck, back and legs. The more comfortable you feel, the better your workout will be.


  • Position the seat so it is parallel to the floor, not angled up or down.
  • Adjust seat height so your knee is bent just slightly when the pedal's in the lowest position. While it ís a common mistake to leave the seat too low, you should be careful not to raise the seat too high, as this can lead to a groin injury. Another way to test for seat height: If your hips rock back and forth as you pedal, your seat is probably too high.
  • Adjust these so that you are relaxed and leaning forward slightly. Place the handlebars too low, and you'll risk lower back strain. Secure them too high, and you'll be putting too much weight on the seat. (Ideally, your weight should be pretty evenly distributed between the seat and the handlebars.)