Cross Training Programs for Total Fitness

No matter what your favorite sport, cross-training can help you spice up your routine and improve performance. Cross-training leverages the primary benefits you get from one type of activity, to help you perform better in another… or to simply attain total fitness. For example, a Reaction Cycling class can help you develop more stamina for those three-set tennis matches. Or participating in a Pilates class will strengthen your core so you can nail that challenging Yoga pose.

The Benefits of Cross Training Programs

There’s good reason that the sport of triathlon has become so popular. People naturally enjoy greater variety, and that’s true of any fitness undertaking. Cross-training programs can also help you:

  • Recover from a hard workout
  • Improve stamina and strength
  • Provide a mental break from your usual workout routine

Cross Training Programs: Your Choices

There are so many good exercise choices out there, and finding the right combination to help enhance your current exercise program can seem a little daunting. Here are a few tips to help you choose:

  • Ask yourself: “What are my weaknesses and what sport or exercise can help me get stronger in those areas?”
  • Try and narrow your choices so that you can realistically integrate some cross-training into your schedule, given your available time.
  • If total fitness is your goal, consider equal measures of aerobic activity, strength training and flexibility exercises.
  • Start out with a beginner-level workout in your new activity—you may be fit in one area, but that doesn’t always transfer over to a new exercise.

Cross Training Programs for the Time-Strapped

If you’re worried you’ll have to devote a lot of time to taking on cross-training, that’s simply not true. Here are a few practical tips:

  • Focus on the cross-training activity that will give you more bang for the buck, which is usually your area of weakness.
  • Start out with a small or moderate amount of time in a new activity and gradually integrate it more fully into your weekly workout schedule.
  • Try and combine cross-training workouts in the same location where you have access to a variety of exercises, such as at your Bally Total Fitness club.