If you're trying to keep your calorie intake in check, the holidays can seem like the season of temptation. Food -- especially the fat-laden, high-calorie kinds -- is everywhere. And so are high-calorie alcoholic drinks. Not to worry: By following a few tried-and-true tactics for holiday noshing, you can make it to New Year's without regrets (or extra pounds).

  • WATCH YOUR ALCOHOL CALORIES. Remember that each glass of wine, each beer, each mixed drink adds calories. And the more you drink, the less inhibited you may become about controlling what you eat.
  • CURB YOUR APPETITE BEFORE PARTIES. Eat a small, filling meal within an hour of going to dinner parties. Some good choices: a cup of hot soup (broth-based rather than cream-based) or a half-sandwich made with whole-grain bread.
  • BEWARE OF THE BUFFET. Decide before going to the party what you plan to eat. For example, you might decide you'll have only raw veggies for appetizers, and no fried ones; good-sized piece of broiled fish but just a little lasagna from the dinner entrees; a roll but no butter; an inviting dessert but no standard-issue cookies. And whatever you do, don't linger near the food tables; you'll be more likely to eat absent-mindedly.